Other Financial Assistance

Student Employment Opportunities

The University provides a number of student employment opportunities not based on financial need. Wages vary and are paid by the employing department of the University. To find out about such opportunities, students should attend the Part-Time Job Expo organized during the first week of classes in the fall semester. Students may also use the SOLAR System to search for employment on campus.

Faculty-Student Association

The Faculty Student Association (FSA), which operates an array of auxiliary business services and programs for the campus such as Campus Dining Services, University Bookstore, Matthew's Medical Bookstore, and the Seawolves MarketPlace, employs students in a wide range of capacities.

The FSA Student Staffing Resources Office (SSR) provides résumé building, training, internships, student entrepreneurship and employment opportunities and offers many other resources to provide students with hands-on work experience, skill development, and a source of income. SSR is dedicated to providing placement, advising, and special training programs for its on-campus employment and internship opportunities. FSA also offers a range of scholarship and work-incentive awards to student staff who demonstrate excellence or innovation in job performance.

To apply, students should submit an FSA Student Employment application to Suite 250 in the Stony Brook Union, or complete an online application at http://naples.cc.sunysb.edu/FSA/semploy.nsf/application

Parents' Affiliation

If a student's parents belong to a union or fraternal group, the student could be eligible for financial aid. Other sources of scholarships include Boy or Girl Scouts, Chambers of Commerce, Daughters of the American Revolution, Elks, Junior Achievement, and Parent-Teacher Associations.

Scholarships and Grants from Private Sources

Many private student aid programs are available. Awards may be based on need, need plus other criteria, or other criteria alone. Students are encouraged to investigate scholarships for which they may be eligible. Among the criteria considered may be academic achievement, artistic talent, athletic ability, career plans, community activities, leadership potential, parents' employers, proposed college major, religious affiliation, and special interest.

Job Locator Service

The Career Center provides a job locator service for off-campus jobs available during a student's tenure at Stony Brook.

Professional Associations

If a student has settled on a career, he or she should investigate the professional associations in that particular area. Such associations may have scholarships available.