CAR: Career Development

CAR 110: Career Development and Decision Making

Introduces students to theories of career decision-making, and the relationship between major choice, academic planning, and career options. Examines two steps in the career decisions process: self-assessment (skills, interests, values, and personality traits) and career exploration.

Prerequisites: Satisfaction of the writing competency skill (D.E.C. A, first course); U1 or U2 standing

2 credits

CAR 210: Career Planning

Focuses on a systematic approach to the career planning process, including goal setting, professional communication, job market trends, and career research strategies. Analyzes the value of extracurricular service, and leadership experiences, and how to convey this value through written and oral presentation. Examines components of successful transition to the workplace.

Prerequisites: Completion of D.E.C. category A; U3 or U4 standing

1 credit