Registration for Classes

Students should register for classes as soon as they are eligible to do so. With the assistance of an academic advisor, each student selects a group of courses. The student must register for classes each semester in accordance with instructions issued by the Registrar’s Office and the online Class Schedule as a prerequisite to class attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to see that the program conforms with aca demic regulations and meets degree requirements.

Before registering for the first time at the University, all new students participate in an orientation, which includes an academic advising program. During orientation, students receive academic information and advice from faculty members, professional advisors, and student orientation leaders. Incoming transfer students attend sessions at which they discuss the applicability of their previous coursework to Stony Brook’s graduation requirements, including their planned major department. At orientation, students register for the coming semester.

Continuing students register each semester through the SOLAR System at  or in person at the Registrar’s Offic