HAS: Allied Health

HAS 190: Introduction to the Health Professions

Presents topics of interest to students considering careers as health professionals. Introduces the student to basic concepts of health, factors influencing health care, health care settings, and selected health professions. May not be taken for credit in addition to LHW 102. Open to west campus students.

1 credit

HAS 290: Medicine and Society

Examines traditional concerns of the humanities and social sciences as they interface with health care and its delivery. Practicing physicians or other health professionals present clinical cases. Emphasizes confidentiality, experimentation, dying and death, and allocation of scarce resources. Focuses on the social, historical, ethical, and humanistic importance of the cases. Permission of instructor required. Open to west campus students.

3 credits

HAS 292: Behavioral Intervention for Children with Autism

Provides framework to develop and implement behaviorally based instruction for children with autism spectrum disorders.Presents the variables that control learning in instructional environments. Offers opportunity to develop technical competencies in behavior analytic intervention strategies (defining and measuring behavior, shaping, chaining, and discrete trial instruction) that facilitate acquisition, maintenance and generalization of skills. Involves "hands on" experience for minimum of five hours per week at sites that provide services for children with autism. Corequisite or prerequisite: HAS 192, not to be taken for credit in addition to HAS 502. Transportation to off-campus sites must be provided by the student. Open to west campus students.

4 credits