Admission for Non-Degree Study

Applications for non-matriculated study may be requested from the Dean of Admissions.

Those students who are permitted to enroll on a non-matriculating basis cannot graduate from the University in this status. Courses and grades earned may be applied toward a degree program at Stony Brook and used to fulfill the University's residence requirements should a student subsequently be permitted to matriculate. As with matriculated students, a permanent record is kept by the University's Office of Records.

Non-matriculated students' academic performance is reviewed at the conclusion of each semester. Students who earn less than a 2.00 cumulative grade point average at the completion of each semester are not permitted to continue. Students are permitted to complete a maximum of 24 credits on a non-matriculating basis. Upon completion of 24 credits, students with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50 are eligible to apply for matriculation. Students who do not wish to matriculate or are not eligible to matriculate will not be permitted to continue their studies at the University.

Non-matriculated students pay the same tuition and other fees as matriculated students. (High school students admitted through the Young Scholars Program described below, however, pay only a small administrative fee.) In addition, non-matriculated students are not eligible to receive most kinds of financial aid. Students from other institutions who plan to study at Stony Brook as visiting students should see a financial aid counselor on their home campus about continuing to receive financial aid.