International Academic Programs

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Office: E-5340 Melville Library
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An academic experience abroad can be beneficial for students who want to remain competitive for future employment or professional study. The office of International Academic Programs offers undergraduates the chance to study overseas while earning credits toward their degree. Students can take advantage of this opportunity as individual participants in international exchanges at a foreign university, or as a group member of a Study Abroad program under the supervision of a Stony Brook faculty member. Exchanges involve a variety of languages, including English, while Study Abroad programs are all conducted in English. Programs extend over an academic year, semester, summer session, or winter intersession.

Program Selection and Eligibility

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to investigate the feasibility of an international experience from a list of programs directly sponsored by Stony Brook University (see below) or from programs administered by other SUNY campuses (more than 300 in all). Details are available from the office of International Academic Programs.

Early investigation, preferably in the first year, for a second or third year abroad is essential. Through careful consultation with their academic department and the office of International Academic Programs, students can determine the applicability of courses and credits earned abroad toward their major and degree requirements, including the fulfillment of general education and upper-division credit requirements. Studying abroad need not delay a student’s graduation and in fact, may accelerate the process.

Application deadlines vary, but are generally in early March for fall, full year, and summer programs and early October for intersession and spring semester programs.

Course Load, Credits, and Grading

Students typically earn between 12 and 18 credits during each semester of overseas study and 4 to 9 credits during summer/intersession programs. Prior to participation students should determine in consultation with their major department and the office of International Academic programs the applicability of courses and credits to Stony Brook degree and major requirements. However, final determination of the credit level is made only after return to Stony Brook. Credits awarded through Exchange programs are usually recorded on the Stony Brook transcript as S or U and are subject to Stony Brook policies governing S/U grades. A transcript supplement will be attached to the official transcript listing actual courses and grades received overseas. In a few instances, this information will be recorded directly on the Stony Brook transcript.

D.E.C. requirements may be fulfilled through overseas study. For example, SUNY Study Abroad programs of six credits or more (except in English-speaking Canada) and with no more than three credits in elementary foreign language, satisfy the D.E.C. category I or J requirement, depending on geographical location.

Stony Brook Exchange Programs

Listed below is a sampling of overseas programs offered by Stony Brook. Pro­grams are continually being added and updated; please check with the Inter­national Academic Programs for a definitive list.

Stony Brook in England: Manchester, North Umbria, Sussex

Offering courses in the sciences (including a pre-med program) as well as social studies, humanities, and business, these programs allow students to enroll directly at these universities. Students will be integrated into the British university system. Students may enroll for a semester or a full academic year.

Prerequisites: U2, U3, or U4 standing; good academic standing

Stony Brook in England: Pharmacology Program, Manchester

Fall semester program focusing on pharmacology which will equate to courses at Stony Brook.

Prerequisites: Pharmacology major; good academic standing

Stony Brook in France: Paris

Students are enrolled directly in the University of Paris IV (Sorbonne), Paris VII (Denis Diderot), or Paris X (Nanterre), depending on their level of French. Language proficiency is determined based on a test administered by the Mission for the Coordination of Franco-American Exchanges. No prior knowledge of French is required. Students can participate for the full academic year, spring or fall semester.

Prerequisites: U2, U3, or U4 standing; good academic standing

Stony Brook in Germany: Konstanz, Bonn, Bremen, Freiberg, Mainz, Tübingen

Students with a background in German are eligible to enroll directly in regular University courses. Students may participate for the academic year or for a semester. Please note that the fall semester in Germany will not end in time for students to return for spring courses at Stony Brook.

Prerequisites: U2, U3, or U4 standing; good academic standing; sufficient background in the German language (except for Konstanz or Bonn)

Stony Brook in Italy: Rome, Messina, Pavia, Venice

Direct enrollment at the University of Rome, The Libera Universita Maria Ss. Assunta, La Sapienza, University of Messina, University of Venice, or University of Pavia, which begins with a six-week intensive Italian language and culture course in October-November. During the Italian academic year, which begins in November, students attend regular university courses. Students are assisted in course selection by the Resident Director (in Rome only) and tutorial assistance is available. Academic evaluation is conducted by an oral examination system administered by the host university at the end of the academic year (June). Students may participate for the full academic year or for the Spring semester.

Prerequisites: Good academic standing; four semesters of college-level Italian or the equivalent.

Stony Brook in Italy: Florence University of the Arts

Florence University of the Arts offers students a unique opportunity to enroll in courses instructed in English in one of Italy’s most culturally significant cities.  Modeled on the liberal arts curricular tradition, FUA offers a wide variety of courses in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences and natural sciences. FUA's academic calendar follows a semester system of 15 weeks (Fall and Spring).  Students may participate for the full academic year or for the Fall or Spring semester.

Prerequisites: Good academic standing

Stony Brook in Japan: Chiba, Okayama, Kyoto, Nihon, Waseda

Stony Brook has a number of exchange agreements with universities in Japan. These programs offer students a wide range of courses, including Japanese language, arts, philosophy, computer science, business, and history. Students with sufficient Japan­ese language proficiency may enroll directly in regular university courses.

It is recommended that students apply for the full academic year though they may participate in the programs for one semester. A limited number of scholarships are available for students who meet GPA and application requirements.

Prerequisites: U2, U3, or U4 standing; good academic standing

Stony Brook in Korea: Dongguk, Soowon

Some programs specialize in business and management, others in Asian philosophy and religions. These opportunities offer a wide array of courses taught in English with intensive Korean language study available. Students with sufficient language proficiency may enroll directly in regular university courses.

Prerequisites: U2, U3, or U4 standing; good academic standing

Stony Brook in Spain: Leon

This is a total immersion program designed for independent-minded undergraduate students interested in full integration into Spanish language and culture. This program offers a chance to enhance the language abilities of students who already have a strong background in Spanish. Participants may spend a semester or a full year in Leon. Courses are taken through the Pro-grama para Estudiantes Extranjeros; students with advanced linguistic ability may also enroll directly in regular University of Leon courses.

Prerequisites: U2, U3, U4 standing; good academic standing; a minimum of four semesters of college-level Spanish or its equivalent, although additional background in Spanish is recommended.

Stony Brook Study Abroad Programs

All current Study Abroad programs except for Madagascar (fall semester) are scheduled for the summer or winter intersession. Other international opportunities are added on a regular basis. Students are encouraged to visit the International Academic Programs Office for up-to-date information.

Stony Brook in Argentina: Buenos Aires

Students have the opportunity to earn four credits while exploring sites of artistic, cultural, and historical interest. Classes are held at the University of Buenos Aires.

Stony Brook in Ghana

Stony Brook students have the opportunity to experience African culture and beauty while earning four credits during this winter session program.

Stony Brook in Italy: Rome

Courses are offered in English and in Italian. Intensive study of Italian language at various levels as well as courses on Italian culture, civilization, and art are provided during this summer or winter program, which includes weekend excursions to Venice, Florence, and Capri.

Prerequisite: Good academic standing

Stony Brook in Jamaica

Discover Jamaica during winter inter­session while exploring the tropical marine life at Discovery Bay Marine Lab. Students complete a four-credit Marine Sciences course.

Stony Brook in Madagascar: Ranomafana National Park

This fall or summer semester program allows students to add an experiential learning component to their studies. The program focuses on biodiversity, conservation, ecology, anthropology, wildlife studies, environmental sciences, and primatology. After an orientation on the Stony Brook campus, participants travel to Madagascar where they live in the rain forest of the Ranomafana National Park and Research Station, continuing their studies and working with international researchers. Students’ independent study projects contribute to the biodiversity survey and ecological monitoring of the park.

Prerequisites: Good academic standing; major in a program-related field

Stony Brook in Japan: Mishima

This four-week total immersion program is hosted by the Mishima campus of Nihon University during the summer. Students have the opportunity to live and attend classes under the shadow of Mount Fiji.

Stony Brook in England: Oxford

Students take 9 credits in International Studies, British Literature, and Anthropol­ogy, with an independent study option during this six-week summer program. The courses are integrated with weekend excursions to historic, artistic, civic, political, and social institutions. Additionally, students visit the Oxford City Council, and other civic, commercial, and industrial institutions. Classes are held in the lecture hall of St. Anthony’s College.

Stony Brook in Russia: St. Petersburg

Students have the opportunity to earn six to nine credits. Seminars are taught in English and focus on a range of topics in the humanities, social sciences, linguistics, and Russian language. This is a summer session program.

Stony Brook in Spain: Alcala

This four week total immersion summer program is hosted by one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe, the University of Alcal á (UAH), founded in 1499 by Cardinal Cisneros. The Spanish Studies classrooms and offices are located in the former Trinitarios convent built in the 17th century carrying on the legacy of cultural heritage in Alcalá. The university offers a college town atmosphere conveniently located near exciting Madrid. 

Stony Brook in Tanzania: An Academic Safari

After a one-week orientation on campus, students travel to and live at locations in northern Tanzania to highlight their course instruction provided by Stony Brook faculty. Visits are made to Maasai communities and there is a safari to Olduvai Gorge, Kilimanjaro National Park, the Serengetti Plains, and the Ngorongoro Crater. This unique program provides a rare and exciting opportunity to integrate classroom instruction with first-hand experience in a part of the world renowned for its natural beauty, diversity of cultures, wildlife, and conservation efforts. Coursework emphasizes the history and cultures of the area. Basic instruction is also provided in Swahili. Students earn 6 to 9 upper-division Anthropology credits. Application deadline is in February.

Prerequisites: U2, U3, or U4 standing; good academic standing

Stony Brook in India: Bangalore

After a one-week orientation on campus, participants travel to Bangalore, India during the summer that includes intensive class work in a variety of social sciences and humanities courses at a modern local university facility. Classroom experience is supplemented by lectures by visiting scholars, films, cultural performances, and excursions to important cultural sites in the region.

Prerequisite: Good academic standing

Stony Brook in France: Montpellier

A four-week summer program in July for 6 to 9 credits that includes intensive French and selected courses in the humanities and social sciences. In addition to daily extracurricular activities, there are excursions to other parts of France.

Prerequisite: Good academic standing