Department Information - Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies

The Department of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies integrates the efforts of a number of humanities programs centering on comparative literature, language, and culture. In addition to the major in Comparative Literature, described below, the Department offers major programs in Cinema and Cultural Studies as well as Humanities. Requirements for these programs appear under each program title elsewhere in the alphabetical listings of Approved Majors, Minors, and Programs. Further information is available in the Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies Office.

The Major in Comparative Literature

The Comparative Literature major brings the historical and intercultural resources of the Department together in a broadly based program for the student interested in comparative and general literature. It stresses the comparative study of world literatures from all historical periods, including the ability to read at least one literature in a language other than English, and emphasizes the relationship between literature and other disciplines. Individual programs can be adjusted to the special interests of the student through consultation with the director of undergraduate studies.