German Language and Literature (GER)

The major in German is part of a liberal education and concerns itself primarily with the language, literature, and culture of the German-speaking countries. In a time of continuing political consolidation within the European Union and increasing cooperation between member nations in trade and commerce, technology and science, the environment, and the arts, a mastery of German and a deeper understanding of its societies and cultures can open opportunities for personal development and prepare students for diverse professional careers. The program places the study of German and its literature in the context of its culture, including its political, historical, and economic aspects.

The major in German is flexibly designed to permit emphasis on language, literature, or area studies. Students graduating with a major in German have found careers and job opportunities in international transportation, tourism, foreign trade and banking, government, science and technology, as well as in teaching and library sciences. For majors in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences, knowledge of German is important in international science and in areas of employment within the expanding East-West trade. It is often desired for admission to graduate school and for advanced graduate study in many disciplines.