Requirements for the Minor in Health and Wellness (LHW)

Before declaring the Health and Wellness minor, each student should plan his or her program in consultation with the director of the minor. All courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

Completion of the minor requires 19 credits.

1. LHW 102 Introductory Seminar to the Health Professions or HAS 190 Introduction to Health Professions

2. Six credits chosen from the following:
BIO 201 Fundamentals of Biology: Organisms to Ecosystems
BIO 202 Fundamentals of Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology
BIO 203 Fundamentals of Biology: Cellular and Organ Physiology
HMC 200/SOC 200 Medicine and Society
MEC 280 Pollution and Human Health
PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 220 Developmental Psychology

3. Six credits chosen from the following:
ANP 300 Human Anatomy
ANT 350 Medical Anthropology
BCP 394/MAR 394 Environmental Toxicology and Public Health
BIO 320 General Genetics
BIO 328 Mammalian Physiology or HBY 350 Physiology
BIO 350 Darwinian Medicine
PSY 356 Physiological Psychology
ECO 327 Health Economics
HBP 310 Pathology
PSY 326 Children's Social and Emotional Development
SOC 392 Special Topics (when topic is Health Care Delivery)

4. LHW 301 Issues in Health and Wellness

5. LHW 488 Internship in Health and Wellness

Note: At least 13 credits of coursework for the minor must be in courses that are outside the student's major.

Declaration of the Minor

Students should declare the Health and Wellness minor during their sophomore year or the beginning of the junior year, at which time they must consult the director and plan their course of study.