Requirements for the Minor in Interdisciplinary Arts (LIA)

All courses for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. Nine credits must be in courses numbered 300 or higher.

Completion of the minor requires 22 credits.

1. LIA 101 Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Arts
LIA 102 Opportunities in the Arts
LIA 401 Senior Seminar

2. Six credits each in two of the following disciplines:
Art History and Criticism/Studio Art
Theatre Arts/Dance

3. Three credits chosen from the following:
ARH 102 Art in Culture, ca. 1400 A.D. to Postmodernism
PHI 110 Arts and Ideas
PHI 264 Philosophy and the Arts
SOC 351 Sociology of the Arts
THR 110 Public Speaking

1. Students majoring in Art History and Criticism, Studio Art, Music, or Theatre Arts may not use courses in their major to fulfill Requirement 2.
2. No more than three credits from ARH 487, ARS 487, MUS 487, or THR 487 may be applied to the minor.

Declaration of the Minor

Students must declare the Inter­di­sci­plinary Arts minor no later than the middle of their third year, at which time they consult with the director of the minor and plan their course of study for fulfillment of the requirements.