Requirements for the Minor in Technical Leadership (LTL)

Before declaring the Technical Leadership minor, each student should plan his or her program in consultation with the director of the minor. All courses for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

Completion of the minor requires 19 credits. No more than 6 credits (two courses) may be transferred into the minor.

The minor consists of:

1. LSE 201 Opportunities in Science and Engineering (1 credit)
2. One course from the following:
  -EST 304 Communications for Engineers and Scientists
  -ESE 300 Technical Communication for Electrical and Computer Engineers (for Electrical and Computer Engineering majors only)
  -EST 303 Crisis Communications  
  -JRN 101 or JRN 103 News Literacy

Note: EST 303 or EST 304 may not be used to satisfy requirement 5 if used for this requirement

3. BUS 111 Introduction to Business for Non-Business Majors or BUS 115 Introduction to Business for Business Majors

4. Any introductory 3 credit computer programming course including CSE 102

5. Any 300-level 3 credit EST course or ARS 208

6. LSE 310-H: Issues in Science and Engineering

7. LSE 320-H: Future Trends in Science and Engineering

Declaration of a Minor

For students who choose to pursue a minor, the minor must be declared no later than the middle of the third year, at which time they consult with the director of the minor and plan their course of study for fulfillment of the requirements. Students must be in a declared major from a specific department by the time of completion of the minor.