Requirements for the Minor in Medieval Studies (MVL)

All courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

Completion of the minor requires at least 21 credits.

1. MVL 141 The Legend of King Arthur

2. Two courses chosen from the following:
HIS 235 The Early Middle Ages
HIS 236 The Late Middle Ages
HIS 360 Women in Premodern Europe
MVL 241 Heroes and Warriors

3. Three of the following courses, including at least two different designators, in medieval philosophy, art, music, or literature. At least two of the courses must be numbered 300 or higher.
ANT 361 Peasants
ARH 101 Art in Culture from Prehistoric Times to the Age of the Cathedrals, c. 1400 A.D.
ARH 305 Art and Culture of the Middle Ages
CLT 211 Literary Survey: Medieval through Late Renaissance
EGL 300 Old English Literature
EGL 302 Medieval Literature in English
EGL 340 Chaucer
HUF 216 French Civilization through the Ages
HUI 216 Italian Civilization through the Ages
HUI 235 Themes in Western European Literature: Sex, Love, and Tragedy in Early Italian Literature
HUL 324 Romance Linguistics
ITL 424 History of the Italian Language
ITL 430, 431 Studies in 13th- and 14th-Century Literature
LAT 355 Early Medieval Latin
LAT 356 Late Medieval Latin
MUS 350 Western Music before 1600
MVL 241 Heroes and Warriors (if not used for Requirement 2)
PHI 304 Medieval Philosophy
RLS 270 Christianity
RLS 310 Biblical Theology
Additional relevant courses may become available. Consult the coordinator of the medieval studies minor.

4. HIS 451 Colloquium in Medieval History or MVL 447 Directed Readings in Medieval Studies

Note: Also required, but not included in the 21 credits for the minor: Completion of intermediate level Latin  (LAT 252) or a relevant intermediate-level European foreign language numbered 201, or 212 or higher.