LCR: Living/Learning Center: Community Service Learning

LCR 200 ​- F: The Nature of Community

The course examines the nature of human communities, their conceptualization, definition, and dynamics while providing an introduction to service learning strategies. Exploring issues such as organization and leadership, hierarchy and stratification, students examine the notion of community formation through processes of exchange and reciprocity, institutionalization, alienation and solidarity, marginalization, and empowerment.

3 credits

LCR 201: Methods for Social Action Research

An introduction to basic methods of community action research. Students develop a fundamental set of "fieldwork" skills, learning to apply their academic knowledge in the service of community-based initiatives for social change. Covering theoretical, methodological, ethical, and legal issues, students conduct a series of field assignments to master key concepts in research design, implementation, and analysis.

3 credits

LCR 487: Directed Research in Community Service Learning

Independent research projects under the supervision of a faculty member. May be repeated once.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and program director

0-6 credits

LCR 488: Internship in Community Service Learning

Student teams work in specific communities, applying their academic, intellectual, and technical skills to address community concerns. Working with local community members to develop effective plans for community action, students engage in service learning. May be repeated to a limit of 12 credits.

Prerequisites: LCR 200; LCR 201; permission of director of the minor

0-6 credits, S/U grading

LCR 490: Senior Seminar in Community Service Learning

A capstone seminar for the minor in Community Service Learning. The course is designed to bring together students completing the minor and relevant community members to reflect on the nature of the research projects carried out and their expected consequences. An independent project is developed with the faculty director.

Prerequisites: LCR 488; permission of director of the minor

3 credits