Department Information - Africana Studies

Interdisciplinary in nature, the Department of Africana Studies considers the experiences of persons of African descent throughout the world. The major in Africana Studies is designed to explore African civilizations and their influences on other parts of the Black Diaspora. Issues within the black international communities in Africa, the United States, and elsewhere are examined from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Particular attention is focused on political concepts, cultural development, legal relations, and social theories.

The major in Africana Studies provides students with a thorough background in the historical, political, social, and economic conditions of people of African descent. Because of this field's interdisciplinary approach, students are exposed to the critical contributions of scholars representing a variety of theoretical approaches and intellectual perspectives, enhancing the student's knowledge and understanding, while encouraging higher-level thinking and the ability to critically evaluate ideas and information.

Many Africana Studies majors and minors have gone on to graduate and professional schools better prepared in various disciplines and professions including law, medicine, business, engineering, nursing, social work, and education. Africana Studies courses also benefit students who go on to do graduate work in history, politics, anthropology, sociology, literature, and other fields.