China Studies (CNS)

The China Studies program enables students majoring in other fields to pursue China-related courses relevant to their own interests, while developing knowledge and skills that will advance their educational and career goals. Drawing on the perspectives of complementary disciplines, the program offers an 18-credit minor in China Studies that covers both contemporary and historical issues. Students may also earn academic credit through study abroad opportunities.

Although proficiency in Chinese language is not required for the minor, language study is strongly encouraged and elective requirements for the minor may be completed through advanced language training. Mandarin Chinese is offered at all levels of instruction, with specialized tracks for "heritage-language" learners and "foreign-language" learners.

Students with a minor in China Studies are encouraged to concentrate in one of three thematic tracks: language and thought; literature and culture; history and society. Sample course sequences for suggested tracks are available from the program director. Specific distribution of elective credits is planned in consultation with the director.