Requirements for the Major and Minor in Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning (EDP)

Requirements for the Major in Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning (EDP)

A. Required Foundation Courses for Major (35-37 credits)
MAT 131-C or MAT 125-C Calculus
ECO 108-F Introduction to Economics
SBC 111 Introduction to Sustainability
SBC 115 Introduction to Human Demography
ENV 115-E Chemistry, Life, Environment
SBC 113/SBC 114-E Physical Geography
ARS 154-D Foundations of Drawing
AMS 102-C Elements of Statistics 
SBC 201 Systems and Models
POL 102-F, 4 Introduction to American Government
SBC 205 Introduction to Geospatial Analysis
SBC 206 Economics and Sustainability

B. Career Leadership Skills (5 credits)
CSK 102 Career Leadership Skills: Working in Teams
CSK 101, CSK 103, CSK 104, CSK 105, CSK 106, CSK 107, CSK 108, or CSK 109
CSK 302 Technical Writing and Communication.

C. Core Courses (31 credits):
Required Core Courses: 
SBC 313 GIS Applications and Design
SBC 354 Drawing for Design-CAD
EDP 303 Spatial Economics

Students are required to take a minimum of 6 credits from each group 1 through 3 and 3 credits from group 4:
1. Historic and Theoretical Perspectives (6 credits)
SBC 200-F History of Human Settlements and Long Island's Development
EDP 307 Theories and Design of Human Settlements
2. Physical and Built Environment Upper Division Block (2 courses required; 6 credits)
EDP 301/EDP 302 The Built Environment I& II
3. Policy, Politics, and Regulations (6 credits)
EDP 309 Planning: Policies and Regulations
and one of the following courses:
EDP 305 Risk Assessment and Sustainable Development
SBC 308-K American Environmental Politics
SBC 309 Global Environmental Politics
4. Societal and Cultural Aspects (3 credits)
SUS 303 Demographic Change and Sustainability
SBC 307-K&4 American Environmental History
SBC 310 Migration, Development and Population Redistribution
SBC 312-F Environment, Society, and Healt
One of the following courses may be used as a substitute for any of the courses in Group 4. Note: each course below has a prerequisite outside the major.
SUS 301 Environmental Ethics
EHI 322 Human Ecology
SBC 331-G City, Suburb, Sprawl

D. Design Project Course (3 credits)
EDP 404 Environmental Design Project  (see notes)

E. Communications and Writing requirement
Proficiency in writing, oral communication, and computer literacy will be encouraged in all students. In addition to CSK 302, these skills will be developed within the context of other formal coursework and no additional credits are required. To meet the upper-division writing requirement, students must submit two papers from any 300-level or 400-level course in the major to the Director of the EDP Undergraduate Program.

Internship with significant practical experience in planning and/or environmental design may be substitute for EDP 404 with permission of Undergraduate EDP Program Director.

Minor in Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning (EDP)

The Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning minor is intended for students who seek to complement their chosen major with a foundation in complex scientific, legal, ethical, political, environmental, and socio-economic issues that surround the development, management, and use of the built environment.

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning (EDP)

No more than two courses that are used to satisfy your major can be applied to this minor.  No more than one three-credit course in the minor may be taken under the Pass/No Credit option. All upper-division courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. Completion of the minor requires 21 credits.

1. Required four introductory courses:
SBC 111 Introduction to Sustainability Studies
SBC 113 Physical Geography
SBC 200 Human Settlements: History and Future
SBC 206 Economics and Sustainability
2. Required two advanced courses:
EDP 301 The Built Environment I
EDP 302 The Built Environment II
3. Required one advanced course from the following:
EDP 303 Spatial Economics
EDP 309 Planning: Policies and Regulations
SBC 307 American Environmental History
SBC 309 Global Environmental Politics
SUS 350 Contemporary Topics in Sustainability

Declaration of the Minor

Students should declare the Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning minor no later than the middle of their sophomore year, at which time they should consult with the minor coordinator or undergraduate director and plan their course of study for fulfillment of the requirements.