Pre-Application Requirements for the Major in Clinical Laboratory Sciences

1. 3 credits of English composition
2. 6 credits in the arts and/or humanities, excluding performance, studio, skills, and techniques courses
3. 6 credits in the social and behavioral sciences
4. 12 credits of chemistry with labs (including inorganic and one course in organic chemistry or biochemistry)
5. 8 credits of biology with labs(See Note 1)
6. 3 credits of college-level mathematics
7. 2.50 cumulative g.p.a.


1. Students completing the courses at Stony Brook should take BIO 202 and BIO 203 Fundamentals of Biology.
2. Courses in anatomy, computer literacy, general microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, and physiology are recommended.
3. Stony Brook freshmen are eligible to declare clinical laboratory sciences as a major. In addition to the requirements listed above, students in this four-year program must successfully complete HAD 210 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Sciences with a grade of B+ or higher.