Athletic Training

The athletic training program is designed for students interested in an allied health profession specializing in the health care of physically active individuals. Working under a physician's supervision, certified athletic trainers are members of the sports medicine field who specialize in the prevention, evaluation, management, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Certified athletic trainers work with a variety of physically active individuals and may be employed by secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional athletic teams, hospitals, private clinics, and industrial settings.

The student's professional preparation is directed toward the development of specified competencies in the following domains: risk management and injury prevention; pathology of injuries and illnesses; clinical evaluation and diagnosis; acute care of injury and illness; pharmacology; therapeutic modalities; therapeutic exercise; general medical conditions and disabilities; nutritional aspects of injury and illness; psychosocial intervention and referral; health care administration; and professional development and responsibilities. In addition, all students are required to fulfill their clinical education requirements under the direct supervision of an approved clinical instructor. Major emphasis is placed on the development of psychomotor skills in addition to cognitive knowledge.