ADV: Advising

ADV 101: Advising 101: Transfer Seminar

A seminar intended to integrate transfer students into the University community by sharing information about Stony Brook and creating a forum to develop intellectual, social, writing, and communication skills. The course emphasizes institutional expectations to promote student success. Recommended for first semester transfer students entering with less than 57 earned credits. Required for all first semester international transfer students. Not for credit in addition to ACH 101, GLS 101, HDV 101, ITS 101, LDS 101, LSE 101, SBU 101, SCH 101, or SSO 101.

Prerequisite: New transfer student

1 credit, S/U grading

ADV 488: Academic Peer Advisor Internship

This two semester internship offers outstanding juniors and seniors an opportunity to gain advising experience, improve personal and professional skills, and explore career aspirations while providing assistance to others. Responsibilities include a teaching assistantship for a first semester transfer student seminar, provide support to undergraduates on making the academic and personal transition to Stony Brook, conducting oral presentations with other Academic Peer Advisors to students, and serving as a role model and mentor for other Stony Brook undergraduates. Interns are required to attend a weekly Academic Peer Advisor seminar, complete a set number of outreach hours, assist with events across campus and work in the advising center.

Prerequisite: Students are selected for the course based on an application which may be obtained from the advising office. Students must have earned 45 credits and a 3.0 cumulative GPA by the application date.

0-4 credits, S/U grading