Computing Services

Stony Brook University provides a wide array of information technology resources designed to assist students in communicating, learning, and conducting day-to-day tasks at the university.  As new technologies emerge and best practices evolve, the Division of Information Technology will keep you informed of Stony Brook's latest student services.

The first thing all students need to know is their Net ID. The Net ID is required to utilize much of the technology on campus including public computers and printers, Blackboard (our course management system where many professors post course information/assignments), network access in the residence halls, wireless access in academic buildings, library databases, MySBFiles (central file storage), and MySite (virtual workspace). You can set up your NetID by logging into the SOLAR system and clicking on the Net ID Maintainence option.

Public computer labs at Stony Brook are called SINC (Student Instructional Network Computing) Sites and are located throughout the campus in every main academic building. There are a total of 16 SINC sites on the main Stony Brook campus with an additional site at Stony Brook's Southampton campus.  SINC Sites provide students with computers (both Windows and Mac), software, printers, scanners and multimedia hardware. Student consultants are available to answer questions and free workshops on common computer applications are offered to students.

For more information about SINC Sites, contact Teaching, Learning + Technology (TLT), S-1460 Melville Library, at (631) 632-8050 or contact the student consultants at (631) 632-9602,, or visit the Web site at

The Division of Campus Residences offers Residential Computing Centers for students. These computer labs are available in each residential quad. It is important that students call the individual contact numbers for more information about these computer labs. Contact and general information for these computer labs can be found at or you can call Campus Residences at (631) 632-6966.

All students receive an e-mail account with an easy-to-remember address ( E-mail accounts are generated automatically for new students and are commonly referred to as Sparky accounts. For more information, visit

The University provides several resources for student file storage and Web space. You can access all of these resources on or off campus via an Internet browser. To learn how to use any of these resources, please visit and choose a topic from the left menu bar.

Stony Brook students have a variety of ways to access the Internet (from their residence hall, from the SINC Sites, from the residential computing centers, from wireless locations on campus and from off-campus). Learn more at Go to Internet Access on the left menu bar once you get to this page.

Campus wireless is available to all students through AirNet. To learn how to connect to AirNet and to find out where wireless is located throughout campus, please visit and click on Wireless (AirNet) on the left menu bar.

The Print from Anywhere service is available to all registered Stony Brook students. It allows students to send print jobs to the SINC Site Printer Queue from any computer on or off campus. Printouts can be retrieved from any SINC Site.

In an environmentally conscious effort to eliminate unnecessary waste, the University offers students a daily print quota of 40 single-sided or 25 double-sided pages per day. Print balances roll over each morning except on Saturday and Monday. For more information please visit


Symantec AntiVirus and Microsoft Office are available to all registered Stony Brook students as part of their technology fee. Symantec AntiVirus can be downloaded through Stony Brook's software distribution site, Softweb, ( You need your Stony Brook ID number and birthdate in YYMMDD format to log in to Softweb. To obtain the latest version of Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac, students must bring their Stony Brook ID card to either the Seawolves MarketPlace in the Student Activities Centers or the Matthews Bookstore in the Health Sciences Center. Only one copy for either Windows or Mac is issued per student.

Computer supplies are available in the University Bookstore and the Seawolves MarketPlace. The Seawolves MarketPlace also has campus discounted software and cables for residence hall Internet connections. Additional software titles are available to Stony Brook students at a discounted rate. For more information, please visit

Educational discounts are available to students purchasing Dell, Apple, or Lenovo computers. Bundled packages come with three-year warranties and accidental damage insurance. For more information, please visit

Students who require assistance with their personal computers should contact Client Support's Student Service Center at (631) 632-9800, or by e-mail at