Second Bachelor's Degree Program

A student who has received a bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook or another accredited institution and who wishes to earn a second degree from a West Campus program must apply and be accepted as a matriculated student for the second baccalaureate. After completing the first degree, the student must earn at least 36 credits in residence at Stony Brook and complete a new major in a significantly different discipline. Of these 36 credits, 21 must be at the upper-division level (courses numbered 300 or higher), primarily from courses chosen for the major. Students also are required to fulfill the “Expanding Perspectives and Cultural Awareness” portion of the Diversified Education Curriculum that is described in the Degree Requirements section. These courses must be completed at Stony Brook University. Coursework completed for the first bachelor’s degree, whether taken at Stony Brook or elsewhere, does not count toward completing these requirements. Sequential bachelor’s degree students who wish to qualify for degrees with distinction must complete 55 credits in coursework at Stony Brook toward the second degree. All sequential bachelor’s degree candidates must have completed, with a C or higher, courses judged equivalent to Stony Brook’s general education requirements in English composition and mathematics or complete these courses at Stony Brook. For purposes of registration and academic standing, matriculated candidates for a second bacca­laureate will be treated as seniors.