Department Information - American Studies

With the increase in migration and economic globalization and their impact on the culture of the United States and the Americas as a whole, scholars in many disciplines are examining, from interdisciplinary perspectives, the impact of the making of the Americas on world culture. The program in American Studies redefines traditional disciplinary approaches, inte­grating and connecting new approaches to American studies that include a multicultural as well as a transnational understanding of the Americas. New methods of cultural analysis are introduced that challenge the power of comparative transnational histories to diversify political narratives of citizenship, homeland, and popular sovereignty. They also challenge how we understand others.

The interdisciplinary major in American Studies introduces students to the rich variety of cultures, languages, and societies of the Americas. Students develop an in-depth knowledge of American culture beginning with core courses introducing interdisciplinary methods, through elective courses in a particular concentration, and synthesized by a capstone seminar.

Graduates with a major in American Studies can expect to work in education, business, journalism, government, and politics. Combined with a science major, the major provides a good background for the health professions. Majors will also be prepared to move on to graduate study in business, education, the humanities, law, and social sciences.