Dance (DAN)

The minor in dance provides an approach to the educational experience of dance that integrates movement, thought, sensation, and feeling. Through the use of a global lens, students build upon traditions from numerous dance cultures and use them as a catalyst for performance, experimentation, research and learning.

Stony Brook University's Dance Program enables and encourages students to move toward their human potential through studies in movement and dance. Through active experiences in theory, technique, creative process, performance, and craft, students are given opportunities to work, play, explore, and delight in the action and discipline of embodied thinking and dance performance.

The curriculum offers courses that encourage students to embrace a life-long journey through intellectual, creative, and performance challenges. The dance minor examines the practice and study of movement and dance, with the detail of technique, form, content, structure, shape, energy, creativity, craft, design, rhythm, and dynamic quality. But the goal of the study is to enable students to become more fully human, with all of the intelligence, discipline, playfulness, and purpose necessary to inspire work in a number of disciplines and career paths.

Past dance minors have embarked on careers in performance, company management, research, business, teaching, and numerous other contributions to society.