Pre-Application Requirements for the major in Athletic Training

1. 3 credits of English composition: WRT 102

2. 6 credits in the arts and/or humanities, excluding studio, skills, and techniques courses

3. 6 credits of psychology: PSY 103, PSY 201

4. 8 credits of chemistry with labs

5. 8 credits of biology with labs (to include one course in human physiology) Note: Students completing the courses at Stony Brook should take BIO 202, BIO 203, BIO 204)

6. 8 credits of physics with labs

7. 3 credits of math: MAT 125

8. CPR at the professional level

9. 50 observational hours with a certified athletic trainer

10. 2.50 cumulative g.p.a

The program also requires candidates to successfully complete each of the following courses with a grade of B or higher:

HAL 205 Introduction to Athletic Training

HAL 210 Emergency Care of Athletic Injuries

HAL 300 Kinesiology

ANP 300 Human Anatomy

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