Requirements for the Minor in Nanotechnology Studies (NTS)

All courses for the minor must be passed with an average grade of B or higher.

Completion of the minor requires 18-22 credits and consists of the following requirements:

1. BME 213 or ESM 213 or EST 213 or MEC 213
2. Two semesters (at least 6 credits) of independent research (499 or 488), co-advised by a faculty members from the student's major program and a second faculty advisor from the NTS faculty committee. Research topics must be approved by both faculty advisors for courses to be accepted to the NTS minor.
3. Two technical electives, chosen from among the following courses:

a. BME 381 Nanofabrication in Biomedical Applications
b. ESG 339 Thin Film Processing of Advanced Materials
c. PHY 472 Solid State Physics
d. ESE 231 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices
e. CHE/ESM 378 Materials Chemistry
f.  MEC 470 Introduction to Tribology
g. EST 391 Technology Assessment
h. ESM 212 Introduction to Environmental Materials Engineering
i. Another upper division technical course with permission of the NTS faculty committee
4. BME 400 or ESM 400 or EST 400 or MEC 400