Scholars for Medicine

Scholars for Medicine earn a Bachelor’s/M.D. degree with four years of undergraduate coursework and four years of medical school. All Scholars for Medicine are individually counselled on their careers throughout their participation in the program. Benefits include  scholarship opportunities, help in finding laboratory placements for undergraduate research, regular advising from the Directors of the Honors College, WISE Program, Engineering Program, and the pre-medical advisor, opportunities to meet faculty in the School of Medicine, and support and encouragement in the exploration of undergraduate and career opportunities.

Scholars for Medicine positions are available to select entering freshmen who have been accepted to the Honors College, WISE Program, or Engineering Program. Eligibility criteria are: nomination of high school seniors by the Honors College; 1350 or above on the SATs; maturity; evidence of social commitment; evidence of interest in science; high moral character; breadth of interests; and strong communication skills. See the Scholars for Medicine entry in the Health Sciences Schools Programs chapter of this Bulletin for complete information.