University Scholars Program

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University Scholars is a program for high-achieving freshmen that focuses on creating a community of learners dedicated to scholarship, leadership, and service. Incoming freshmen with an exceptional record of academic performance in high school are invited to the University Scholars program upon admission to Stony Brook. All high-achieving freshman applicants are considered for admission as a University Scholar and no additional application procedures are required. University Scholars are a select group of students within the Undergraduate Colleges who receive special privileges and academic opportunities. The University Scholars Program provides both commuting and resident freshmen with a small community and encouragement to explore the university and get involved in activities outside class.

University Scholars receive numerous advantages as part of their first year experience at Stony Brook:

1. Enrollment in selected honors sections of first-year courses including the first-year seminars and other academic courses.

2. Priority registration privileges within their class throughout their Stony Brook undergraduate careers as long as they retain a 3.0 cumulative GPA and are not found guilty of academic dishonesty.

3. Specialized academic advising and mentoring including help in choosing the best courses to reach their goals.

4. Opportunities to meet faculty and participate in special academic and social events, trips, and other co-curricular activities.

5. Participation in a wide range of student leadership opportunities on campus.