Italian American Studies (IAM)

Interdisciplinary in nature, Italian Ame­rican studies considers the experiences of persons of Italian descent in North and South America with particular attention to experiences in the United States. The minor is designed to assist students in exploring the ways in which Italian and American cultures have combined to form a distinctive ethnic culture.

The minor in Italian American studies offers students the opportunity to survey developments in the field of Italian American studies, as well as to examine it in relation to the fields of history, literature, media, and language study.

Students are encouraged to approach Italian American studies from the perspective of their major. Combined with a major in Political Science, History, or Psychology, the minor provides students with an in-depth exploration of the role of ethnicity in the definition of what it means to be American. The study of the Italian American experience will assist students with a major in Sociology to understand the theoretical approaches to the study of urban and suburban cultures. Students of American literature or culture may use the minor to develop a specialty in the study of a specific ethnic American culture. Students examining issues of gender may use the minor to explore the effects of gender and ethnicity on American culture. Students who wish to pursue a career in law or the health professions may use the minor to further their understanding of the community they may ultimately serve.

Under the direction of an advisor, students must establish an advising folder with the minor coordinator who supervises students in fulfilling the requirements.