Requirements for the Minor in Korean Studies (KOR)

Completion of the minor requires 18 credits. Only one course under S/U credit option and no more than three language courses can be used to fulfill the requirements.

1. One introductory course for Korean Studies as below:
AAS 217-J Introduction to Korean Culture

2. Two courses among the courses below:
KOR 111 Elementary Korean I
KOR 112 Elementary Korean II
KOR 211 Intermediate Korean I
KOR 212 Intermediate Korean II
AAS 240-J Confucianism and Taoism
AAS 246-J Korean and Japanese Religions
AAS 260-J Buddhism

3. Three electives among the courses below:
AAS 321-G Korean Literature
AAS 367-J Meditation and Enlightenment
AAS 300-G Intellectual History of East Asia
KOR 311 Advanced Korean I
KOR 312 Advanced Korean II
KOR 331-F Social Sciences Topics in Korean Studies
KOR 332-G Humanities Topics in Korean Studies
KOR 351 Studies in Korean Literature
KOR 411 Advanced Korean III
KOR 412 Advanced Korean IV
AAS 346 Philosophy of Education in Korea and Japan
AAS 400 Seminar in Korean Studies

Note: Other courses than listed here may also be used to fulfill the minor requirements in Korean Studies with permission of the program director.