Religious Studies (RLS)

The Program in Religious Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of religion in its many forms and aspects. To the variety of religious traditions, both living and historical, the program brings the techniques and questions of philosophy, history, literature, and the human sciences. Designed for flexibility in meeting students' interests and needs, the Religious Studies program offers a major, a minor, an honors program, and a variety of electives useful for broadening one's knowledge of religious phenomena, for supplementing the major program in many related fields of humanities and social science, and for meeting general education requirements.

The major in Religious Studies is an attractive option for students seeking a general liberal arts education with strength in humanities. It develops skills in reading texts with sophisticated critical awareness, and in expressing complex ideas orally and in writing. It affords insight into the fundamental traditions that shape historic cultures, East and West, and forms habits of tolerance and appreciation of unfamiliar ideas and values.

Students also major in Religious Studies intending to go on to further professional training in this field or in closely related ones like law and diplomacy. Those who wish to pursue graduate studies are encouraged to study the languages needed for their areas of interest, and to supplement their major requirements with related work in history, philosophy, and the arts.

More information and advising in regard to any of the program's services are avai­lable through the program director.