CLS: Classics

CLS 113 ​- B: Greek and Latin Literature in Translation

Historical and analytical study of the development of classical Greek and Latin literature. Extensive readings in translation include works illustrating epic, lyric, drama, history, satire, and criticism.

3 credits

CLS 225 ​- I: The Classical Tradition

The literature of Greece and Rome has had a profound impact on the West in terms of Philosophy, Literature, Political Theory, and Art. The course will explore the writings of Greece and Rome and show how they affected Western literature and thought. Authors will include Homer and Hesiod, and Greek tragedians Thucidides, Virgil, and Ovid.

3 credits

CLS 447: Directed Readings in Classics

Intensive study of a particular author, period, or genre of Greek and Latin literature in translation under close faculty supervision. May be repeated.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

1-6 credits

CLS 475: Undergraduate Teaching Practicum

Work with a faculty member as an assistant in one of the faculty member's regularly scheduled classes. The student is required to attend all the classes, do all the regularly assigned work, and meet with the faculty member at regularly scheduled times to discuss the intellectual and pedagogical matters relating to the course.

3 credits, S/U grading