GSS: Geospatial Science

GSS 313: GIS Design and Application I

This course provides the basic concepts underlying modern geographic information science and technology. Emphasis is placed on the principles of GIS for characterizing environmental systems and computer-based techniques for processing and analyzing spatial data. The course includes three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory exercises each week.

Prerequisite: MAT 125 or MAT 131

4 credits

GSS 325: GIS Design & Applications II

The course builds upon the topics covered in GIS Design and Application I. It emphasizes the applications of GIS in solving real-world problems. Students are expected to gain an understanding of GIS theory, methodology and most importantly application. Students are also expected to demonstrate abilities of spatial thinking, spatial analysis, and be able to solve practical spatial problems utilizing a GIS. Because GIS is both a tool for analysis and the visual communication of these data, students will be required to develop a GIS presentation, much as would be expected in a professional setting. This independent project will constitute a substantial portion of the final grade. This is a Windows based computer class with the majority of students work involving GIS computer software.

Prerequisite: GSS 313 or equivalent

3 credits