HUF: French Literature and Culture Courses in English

HUF 211 ​- D: French Cinema

Introduction to French films as representative of cinematic art. Films are selected to provide a broad historical perspective and range of the director's concerns. Students are taught methods of reading and analyzing filmic works. All films have English subtitles.

3 credits

HUF 216 ​- I: French Civilization through the Ages

An overview of French civilization seen through its diverse manifestations in various cultural fields. The heritage of French society is analyzed through the arts, philosophy, science, literature, and theatre.

Advisory Prerequisite: Completion of D.E.C. category B

3 credits

HUF 219 ​- I: Modern France

A survey of contemporary France and its political, social, and economic structure, as well as the study of cultural life and institutions within the context of its historical development. Special attention is given to other French-speaking countries and their relations to France.

3 credits

HUF 318 ​- J: Pan-African Literature I

An examination of the cultural themes of Pan-Africanism and negritude, drawing on a selection of writers from the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean. The course treats the development, diffusion, and significance of these themes. It involves intensive consideration of selected literary works of African and African-American expression. This course is offered as both AFH 329 and HUF 318.

Prerequisite: U3 or U4 standing

Advisory Prerequisites: Two courses in literature

3 credits

HUF 385 ​- J: French Caribbean Literature

A study of representative texts from the French Caribbean translated into English, focusing on literary manifestations of a search for a specific identity by writers from Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, and Haiti. This course is offered as both AFH 385 and HUF 385.

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Standing

3 credits

HUF 475: Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I

Work with a faculty member as an assistant in one of the faculty member's regularly scheduled classes. The student is required to attend all the classes, do all the regularly assigned work and meet with the faculty member at regularly scheduled times to discuss the intellectual and pedagogical matters relating to the course. In HUF 476, students assume greater responsibility in such areas as leading discussions and analyzing results of tests that have already been graded. Students may not serve as teaching assistants in the same course twice. This course does not count toward the major or minor in French.

Prerequisite: U3 or U4 standing; permission of instructor and language coordinator

3 credits, S/U grading