JDS: Judaic Studies:Social and Behavioral Sciences

JDS 225 ​- J: The Formation of the Judaic Heritage

Jewish history and the development of Judaism during the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman periods (ca. 500 B.C.E.- ca. 500 C.E.). The course begins with the close of the Hebrew Bible, examines the varieties of Judaism which then arose, and ends with the consolidation of rabbinic Judaism on one hand and Christianity on the other. This course is offered as both HIS 225 and JDS 225.

Advisory Prerequisite: RLS 101 or 110 or one HIS course

3 credits

JDS 226 ​- F: The Shaping of Modern Judaism

The history of the Jews and of Judaism since the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Islam. The course concludes with a study of the Holocaust and the creation of the State of Israel, and includes a survey of the major forms of American Jewish life. This course is offered as both HIS 226 and JDS 226.

Advisory Prerequisite: RLS 101 or 110 or one HIS course

3 credits

JDS 241 ​- I: The Holocaust: The Destruction of European Jewry--Causes and Consequences

The rise of modern anti-Semitism since the late 18th century and its political application in Nazi Germany. Topics include the destruction process, ghetto life, resistance, foreign response, and the war crimes trials. This course is offered as both HIS 241 and JDS 241.

Advisory Prerequisite: JDS/HIS 226 or HIS 101 or 102

3 credits

JDS 356 ​- I: Zionism Before 1948

A survey of ideologies that have found expression under the general banner of Zionism. Topics include the origins and development of those ideologies, and the important ideological and conceptual issues that the Zionist movement has not yet managed to resolve.

3 credits

JDS 390 ​- F: Social Sciences Topics in Judaic Studies

An examination of selected topics within the social and behavioral sciences area to be announced whenever the course is offered. Semester supplements to this Bulletin contain specific description when course is offered. May be repeated as the topic changes.

Prerequisite: JDS/HIS 225 or 226

3 credits

JDS 447: Readings in Judaic Studies

Qualified juniors and seniors may read independently in the areas of Jewish history, culture, and society, in an approved program under the supervision of a faculty member. May be repeated.

Prerequisites: Two JDS courses, or one course each in JDS and JDH; permission of director

1-6 credits