LIA: Living/Learning Center:Interdisciplinary Arts

LIA 101 ​- D: Introduction to the Interdisciplinary Arts

An exploration of the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the fine arts. The course traces the general development of the arts from their common practical origins in basic communication, ritual, and decoration to the present, and examines how these factors unify the arts in modern culture and society. Students develop in-class presentations using multiple art forms.

3 credits

LIA 102: Opportunities in the Arts

An introductory seminar concerning career opportunities in the arts. Students meet once a week for discussion, networking, establishing career strategies, career planning, and investigations of continued study. Guest lecturers discuss their area of expertise in relation to career opportunities for students entering the field.

1 credit

LIA 401: Senior Seminar

An intensive investigation of theatre theorists with particular emphasis on the application of theory to practice. This course is offered as both LIA 401 and THR 401.

Prerequisites: U4 standing; permission of instructor

3 credits

LIA 487: Independent Research in Interdisciplinary Arts

The completion of a group-generated or individual creative project under the supervision of an instructor. May be repeated to a limit of 6 credits.

Prerequisites: LIA 101; any 200-level art, dance, music, or theatre course; permission of instructor and director of the minor

0-6 credits

LIA 488: Internship in Arts Management

Study of the field of arts management, including public relations, scheduling, resource coordination, and community interaction. Practical work with management of the annual Shirley Strum Kenny Student Arts Festival.

Prerequisite: Permission of director of the minor

0-6 credits, S/U grading