Language Learning and Research Center

The Language Learning and Research Center (LLRC) is where technology is available for the teaching and learning of language, literature, and culture at Stony Brook University. The Center has a wide variety of technology for this purpose including a portable Interactive Whiteboard (Smartboad) and a document presenter. It also has a Stony Brook Instructional Network Computing (SINC) site open for university usage.

The Center contains a great variety of aids for learning and teaching. It has two multimedia "smart" classrooms with 50 seats each containing all of the technology used elsewhere in the Center, but aimed more at classroom instruction instead of individualized learning. It has a materials development area, an audio/video laboratory for audio and video work, a 40-position multimedia computer laboratory with Internet access (half Macintosh and half Windows), and an older Macintosh computer laboratory that doubles as a video seminar room as well. Multimedia development and checkout of a wide variety of equipment and material is available.

What Can Instructors Do in the LLRC?

  • Reserve smart classrooms, A/V and computer labs for teaching academic courses and/or holding special training sessions.
  • Check out instructional materials (software, textbooks, reference books, audio and video tapes, DVDs, laserdiscs, etc.) and equipment (audio/video/DVD players/recorders, PC/Mac laptops, headphones, cameras, tripods, overhead, slide and digital projectors, etc.) for on/off LLRC use.
  • Request training on specific software, computer applications or equipment. Recommend purchase of specific materials or equipment.
  • Prepare instructional materials using our facilities, materials, and equipment. Convert or duplicate audio-video materials with copyright permission.
  • Put materials on reserve for students.
What Can Students Do in the LLRC?
  • Check out materials (software, textbooks, reference books, audio and video tapes, DVDs, laserdiscs, etc.) and A/V equipment (headphones, players/recorders, cameras, etc.) to use in the LLRC.
  • Complete assignments: Listen to tapes, watch videos (DVD, VHS, laserdiscs); audio/video record themselves.
  • Develop multimedia projects: Use computers, printers and scanners and other technology for preparing assignments and going on-line (research, Blackboard, audio/video conference, etc.).
  • Use a wide variety of language software (Power Pronunciation, American Accent Program, 3D Grammar, Focus on Grammar, Kontakte, Spanish Today, French Pronunciation, Writer's Work Bench, Visual Thesaurus, Tell Me More, etc.).

For additional information, contact:
Language Learning and Research Center
N-5004 Melville Library
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3381
Telephone: (631) 632-7013
Fax: (631) 632-1107