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Accounting, minor
Adapted Aquatics, minor
Africana Studies, B.A., minor
American Studies, B.A., minor
Anthropology, B.A., minor
Applied Mathematics and Statistics, B.S., B.S./M.S., B.S./M.P.H., minor
Art History and Criticism, B.A., minor, B.A./M.A.
Art, Studio, B.A., minor
Asian and Asian American Studies, B.A., minor, Secondary Teacher Education
Astronomy/Planetary Sciences, B.S., minor
Athletic Training, B.S.
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, B.S.

Biochemistry, B.S., B.S./M.S. Chemistry
Bioengineering, minor
Biology, B.S., minor, Secondary Teacher Education
Biomaterials, minor
Biomedical Engineering, B.E., B.E./M.S.
Business Management, B.S., minor

Chemical and Molecular Engineering, B.E., B.E./M.B.A.
Chemistry, B.S., B.A., B.S./M.S., minor, Secondary Teacher Education
China Studies, minor
Cinema and Cultural Studies, B.A., minor
Civil Engineering, B.E.
Classical Civilization, minor
Clinical Laboratory Sciences, B.S.
Coastal Environmental Studies, B.S., minor
Comparative Literature, B.A., minor
Computer Engineering, B.E., B.E./M.S., minor
Computer Science, B.S., B.S./M.S., minor
Creative Writing and Literature, minor

Dance, minor
Digital Arts, minor

Earth and Space Sciences, B.A., B.A./M.P.H., Secondary Teacher Education
Economics, B.A.
Ecosystems and Human Impact, B.A., minor
Education and Teacher Certification, Secondary teacher education programs in Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Earth Sciences, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, Spanish, TESOL
Electrical Engineering, B.E., minor, B.E./M.S., B.E./M.B.A.
Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Materials, minor
Engineering Chemistry, B.S., B.S./M.S. (Chemistry or Materials Science)
Engineering Composites, minor
Engineering Science, B.E., B.E./M.S.
Engineering and Technology Entrepreneurship, minor
English, B.A., minor, Secondary Teacher Education
Environmental Design, Policy, and Planning, B.A., minor
Environmental Engineering, minor
Environmental Humanities, B.A., minor
Environmental Studies, B.A., living learning center minor
European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Dept. of,
European Studies, B.A., minor

French Language and Literature, B.A., minor, Secondary Teacher Education

Geology, B.S., minor
Geospatial Science, minor
German Language and Literature, B.A., minor, Secondary Teacher Education

Health Science, B.S.
Health and Wellness, living learning center minor
Hellenic Studies, minor
Hispanic Languages and Literature, minor
History, B.A., B.A./M.A., minor, Secondary Teacher Education

Information Systems, B.S., minor
International Studies, living learning center minor
Italian American Studies, minor
Italian Studies, B.A., minor, Secondary Teacher Education

Japanese Studies, minor
Jazz Music, minor
Journalism, B.A., minor
Judaic Studies, minor

Korean Studies, minor

Latin American and Caribbean Studies, minor
Leadership Development, minor
Liberal Arts, B.A.
Linguistics, B.A., minor, TESOL

Manufacturing Engineering, minor
Marine Sciences, B.S., B.S./M.S., minor
Marine Vertebrate Biology, B.S.
Materials Science, minor
Mathematics, B.S., minor, Secondary Teacher Education
Mechanical Engineering, B.E., B.E./M.S., minor
Media Arts, living learning center minor
Medieval Studies, minor
Middle Eastern Studies, minor
Multidisciplinary Studies, B.A.
Music, B.A., minor
Music and Technology, minor

Nanotechnology Studies, minor
Nursing, B.S., B.S./M.S.

Occupational Therapy, B.S./M.S.
Optics, minor

Pharmacology, B.S.
Philosophy, B.A., minor
Physical Metallurgy, minor
Physics, B.S., B.S./M.S., minor, Secondary Teacher Education
Political Science, B.A., B.A./M.A., minor
Psychology, B.S., B.A.

Religious Studies, B.A., minor
Respiratory Care, B.S.
Russian Studies, minor

Social Work, B.S.
Sociology, B.A.
South Asian Studies, minor
Spanish Language and Literature, B.A., minor, Secondary Teacher Education
Sustainability Studies, B.A., B.A./M.B.A., minor

Technological Systems Management, B.S., minor
Theatre Arts, B.A., minor, B.A./M.A.

Women's and Gender Studies, B.A., B.A./M.P.H., B.A./M.B.A., minor
Writing and Rhetoric, Program in, minor