Requirements for the minor in Geospatial Science

Completion of the minor requires 19-20 credits.  

Core courses:

  • GSS 105 Introduction to Maps and Mapping
  • GSS 313 GIS Design and Applications I
  • GSS 314 GIS Laboratory (for students enrolling in GSS 313 Spring 2013 or later)

Select a course in Remote Sensing or GIS: 

  • Remote Sensing: GEO 440 or MAR 334
  • GIS: GSS 325 Design and Applications II

Elective courses (select 9 or more credits from the following): 

  • GEO 440 Geological Applications of Remote Sensing
  • MAR 334 Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • GSS 323 GIS Database and Design
  • GSS 325 GIS Design and Applications II (if not taken above)
  • GSS 326 GIS Project Management
  • GSS 487 Geospatial Science Research (see Note)
  • GSS 488 Geospatial Science Internship (see Note)
  • ANT 420/GEO 420 Environmental Analysis Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
  • BIO 319 Landscape Ecology Laboratory

Note: A maximum of three credits of GSS 487 Geospatial Science Research and/or GSS 488 Geospatial Science Internship may be applied to the minor.