LDR: LLC: Leadership Development

LDR 210: Principles of Leadership

Students will be introduced to the theory and practice of leadership. Classes will focus on the concepts of leadership and how students can incorporate these into their experiences as student leaders as well as in non-university programs.

3 credits

LDR 310: Case Studies in Leadership

This course will focus on concepts integral to effective leadership. Historical and contemporary case studies will be utilized to highlight examples of both ineffective and effective leadership. Students will gain an understanding of both positive and negative leadership as well as formal and informal leadership models.

Prerequisites: LDR 210 or SOC 268; U3 or U4 standing

3 credits

LDR 410: Leadership Exploration and Practicum

This course will synthesize the content of LDR 210 and LDR 310, and explore the relationship of related interdisciplinary concepts from elective courses and discuss the on-going learning taking place during the simultaneous practicum component.

Prerequisites: LDR 210 or SOC 268; LDR 310; U4 standing; declaration of LDR minor

3 credits