Stony Brook Students

Undergraduates at Stony Brook can choose from 61 majors and 65 minors, offered through the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the Health Sciences Center, the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, the School of Journalism, and the College of Business.

All freshmen are affiliated with undergraduate colleges organized under six different themes. Overall, students from more than 100 countries attend Stony Brook. Many students study abroad in approved exchange programs spread around the globe, in countries such as France, India, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Tanzania, Spain, Germany, England, and Korea.

The University aims for the highest standards in all of its programs. Its record of placing graduates in the nation's best graduate and professional schools shows that these standards are being maintained, and that an educational experience of high quality is available to the broad and diverse student body at Stony Brook.