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All resident students will be enrolled in a Resident Meal Plan unless they have previously completed two semesters of study at Stony Brook and reside in a designated cooking area. Failure to select a dining option will result in an enrollment in the Silver Meal Plan (Meal Plan 2). All students who reside in residence hall areas designated as mandatory meal plan areas must enroll in a Resident Meal Plan regardless of class status or tenure at Stony Brook. All meal plans are annual.

Students who wish to cancel their meal plans should see the section "Refund of Meal Plan Fee" in the "Financial Information" section of this Bulletin.

For more up-to-date information, refer to the meal plan brochure, or call or visit the Meal Plan Office, Suite 250, Student Union, (631) 632-6517. Similar plans will be offered in coming years, but prices cannot be predicted. It is expected, however, that future price ranges will not vary greatly from those now in effect.

Food Service

Campus Dining Services serves the Stony Brook community daily with a wide variety of cuisines including vegan, vegetarian, Kosher and Halal.

Currently, there are 10 dining locations. These include two resident dining locations: Kelly Dining Center and Roth Food Court. There are many coffeehouses on campus including Starbucks in the Stony Brook Union, Pura Vida (certified fair trade/organic) in Roth, Kelly Coffee and Tea House and Dunkin Donuts at Tabler Cafe. Jasmine Food Court in the Charles B. Wang Center features Indian, Thai, Japanese Grill and made-to-order sushi. All locations offer healthy options and grab and go items.

For more information, go to http://www.campusdining.org or go to SBU Eats on facebook.

Books and Supplies

The average estimated expense is $900 for nine months (September to May). This figure is used for computing the basic student aid budget.

Miscellaneous Expenses

The average estimated personal expense is $1,292 for nine months. This figure is used for computing the basic student aid budget.

Travel Expenses

The average estimated expense is $500 for nine months on campus for a student living in a residence hall. The average estimated expense is $2,550 for nine months for a student residing with parents and commuting to the campus. These amounts are also used for computing the basic student aid budget.

International Academic Program Expenses

Students who participate in SUNY International Academic Programs pay the normal SUNY tuition. They must also pay round-trip transportation and housing costs. Programs in some countries also carry a program fee to cover exceptional administrative expenses. The costs of studying abroad do not usually exceed those of studying as a resident student at Stony Brook.

Off-Campus Housing Service

The Off-Campus Housing Office provides information concerning rentals of rooms, apartments, and housing within a 15-mile radius of the University. All landlords listing property with the University must sign a statement assuring nondiscriminatory practices; listings do not become available until such assurance is received. The Off-Campus Housing Office and the University may not become parties to landlord-tenant disputes.

The average price per month for a furnished room is $400 to $500. Kitchen privileges are most often included in this price. Rooms available in houses rented by other students are also listed as houses to share. That is, arrangements can sometimes be made to share a complete house for $400 to $600 per month plus a percentage of the utility costs.

Apartment listings cover those available in standard apartment complexes and in private homes. The usual rental rate of a studio apartment (one large room, bathroom, closets, kitchenette) in a house is approximately $500 to $750 per month. A studio apartment in one of the apartment facilities usually costs between $600 and $800. Apartments in housing complexes usually provide more space and privacy. A conventional one-bedroom apartment, including living room, dining room, kitchenette, bathroom, and closet space, usually ranges in price from $750-$1100 per month. Utility costs, except electricity, are often included in the price.

There are also listings for house rentals in the area. These rentals range from $850 to $2,200 per month, not including utilities. The price depends on the number of rooms in the house, the condition of the house, and its proximity to the campus.

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