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Internship Program for Students in the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, School of Journalism, Sustainability Programs

Internship Manager:  Alfreda S. James
Office:  W-0550 Melville Library
Phone:  (631) 632-9783
E-mail address:  Alfreda.James@stonybrook.edu
Web site:   http://www.sunysb.edu/career

Internships allow students to test career intentions; to improve intellectual skills in writing, quantitative analysis, research, and administration; to increase understanding of social, political, and economic forces; and to acquire work experience and industry knowledge useful for seeking employment or entrance into professional schools. While not required for most academic programs, internships can be a valuable addition to a student’s college experience and are strongly encouraged. 

Students may participate in internships with or without academic credit.  Under the University’s Internship Program a student may spend a semester or summer working for academic credit under the supervision of both University faculty and professional staff at cooperating agency or organization. Up to 6 credits may be earned for semester internships during the academic year; up to six credits for each summer term. Students may receive no more than a total of 12 internship credits from any course or courses. Grading is Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Students may register for only one internship course per semester.   

Credit-bearing internships require the approval of an academic department and the internship manager in the Career Center when appropriate. General guidelines for participation in internships are:

 Completion of at least one previous semester of coursework at Stony Brook;

 Minimum grade point average of 2.50;

 Submission of Stony Brook internship agreement form to faculty sponsor and Career Center;

 Identification of faculty sponsor who will determine credit value of the internship

Other prerequisites: completion of 57 credits for U3 and U4 students; completion of DEC A for U2 and U1 students. Transfer students should have a degree audit with an academic advisor before pursuing internship credit. Joint degree applicants must discuss the opportunity with faculty in both departments to determine how credit would apply.

Academic requirements for individual internship experiences may differ slightly but typically include submission of learning goals, regular journaling, reading assignments selected by faculty, mid-term and final self evaluations, written feedback from site supervisors, and other career-related assignments.

Any Stony Brook faculty member may sponsor an intern. However, students should confer with the undergraduate director of his/her major before starting an internship. The Career Center maintains a list of faculty sponsors for each major and/or school.