Department of Art

The Department of Art offers two majors and three minors. They offer a major and minor in art history and criticism, a major and minor in studio art, and a minor in digital arts (see separate listing for DIA minor in this Bulletin).

The undergraduate programs in Art are designed to provide the student with a thorough background in the history and criticism of art, as well as sound training in studio techniques and theory. The courses of study, while allowing students a considerable degree of choice, will also usually fulfill requirements for admission to graduate study or preparation for professional work in the field.

Art History and Criticism majors acquire a thorough foundation in the history of Western art and architecture, from ancient to modern, with tracks also in non-Western art, and such practical aspects of the discipline as gallery management.

Studio Art majors concentrate on the creative, technical, and practical aspects of the discipline, acquiring a broad-based background in drawing, design, painting, and sculpture, plus specialized tracks in ceramics, printmaking, photography, electronic media, and computer imaging. In addition, majors are expected to acquire a sound foundation in art history and criticism with the emphasis on modernism.

Department of Art graduates who go on to work in the discipline usually acquire some postgraduate training, which may include anything from a few additional courses to such advanced graduate degrees as the M.A., M.F.A., or Ph.D. Studio Art graduates hold teaching positions up to and including the college, university, and professional school level; others work as commercial artists, printers, photographers, and designers. Art History and Criticism graduates hold teaching positions in colleges and universities; others work as gallery or museum administrators, or as art critics.