Student Activities Center

As the "living room" of the Stony Brook campus, the Student Activities Center (SAC) is the gathering place for students, faculty, administrators, and University visitors. For student programs, special events, and conferences, members of our campus community and their guests use SAC facilities: a 525-seat auditorium, ballrooms, an art gallery, lounges, a sculpture garden, and meeting rooms. Other amenities in the SAC, include the Wellness Center, the Seawolves MarketPlace, student club and organization offices, the Teachers Federal Credit Union bank and ATMs, and the U.S. Post Office. The Undergrad­uate Student Government and Grad­uate Student Organization offices are on the second floor. The Information Center is located in the Main Lobby and can be reached by telephone at (631) 632-6730.

Information about facility reservations for the SAC can be found at