HWC: Social Welfare

HWC 210: Introduction to Social Work

Introduces the student to the field of social work. Provides an overview of the variety of settings in which social workers practice. Describes the knowledge, values, and skills which social workers use in order to help individuals, families, groups, and communities.

1 credit

HWC 317: Issues in Death and Dying; Loss and Separation

This course provides an overview of the knowledge, values, policy and skills underlying effective entry-level practice with dying and grieving clients. The interrelationship of psychological, interpersonal, family, institutional, community and cultural dynamics of dying and grieving are covered.

Prerequisite: Admission to Undergraduate Health Sciences Center program

3 credits

HWC 344: Overview of Substance Abuse

This course is an examination of the history and development of alcohol and substance abuse problems in the United States. It focuses on the etiology, psychopharmacology and legal ramifications of the use of licit and illicit substances in our culture. The course provides information on a variety of services available to drug abusers, addicted individuals and their families in the fields of prevention, education and treatment. Co-scheduled with HWC 544.

3 credits

HWC 351: Law and Social Change

This course introduces students to the interrelationship of the legal process in the United States and the profession of social work. Focuses on the legal process in general, social welfare law, in particular, and the implications for effective social work practice. Co-scheduled with HWC 551.

3 credits

HWC 369: Youth and Violence

This course examines the etiology of youth at risk for violence, using ecological and interpersonal perspectives. Family, school and community risk factors are outlined as well as assessment, intervention and treatment issues. Successful prevention programs are highlighted. Co-scheduled with HWC 541.

Prerequisite: Admission to Undergraduate Health Sciences Center program

3 credits

HWC 379: Special Topics in Social Welfare

These courses examine significant timely issues confronting the profession. Topics include violence as a public health problem, issues of aging, racism, gender, AIDS, the media, and others. Topics vary each term as faculty develops specific modules that address one or more of these issues. Co-scheduled with HWC 579 when offered as an enrichment elective.

Prerequisite: Admission to Undergraduate Health Sciences Program

1-3 credits