Sample Course Sequence: Requirements for Application to the School of Social Welfare

Freshman Fall Credits Spring Credits
WRT 101  3 WRT 102 3
BIO 101 3 D.E.C. C or QPS (Math) 3
ANT 102 or SOC 105 3 POL 102 3
MAP 103* 3 HIS 104 3
Foreign Language 3 D.E.C. B or G or HUM 3
Total 15 Total 15
Sophomore Fall Credits Spring Credits
D.E.C. D or ARTS (Fine Arts) 3 **200- 300-level D.E.C. or SBC courses 12
PSY 103 3    
**200- and 300-level D.E.C. or SBC courses 9    
Total 15 Total 12
* Students must take a mathematics placement examination.
**The above program puts most of the required courses into the first year, but they could equally be spread over two years since the student cannot enter the social work major until the junior year. Application should be submitted in the sophomore year. Volunteer work is desirable.