HBM: Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

HBM 321: General Microbiology Laboratory

Complementing the lecture material of HBM 320, this optional laboratory covers basic and applied microbiological methods. Students are introduced to methods for isolating pure cultures, microscopy and staining, quantitation of bacteria and determination of sensitivity to antimicrobial agents. This laboratory is limited to pre-allied health, pre-nursing, and pre-veterinary students.

Prerequisites: BIO 202; CHE 132; permission of instructor

1 credit

HBM 398: Research Project in Microbiology

An independent research project under faculty supervision, with emphasis on the principles of experimental design, data collection, evaluation of findings, and reporting of results. Project report required. May be repeated.

Prerequisites: U3 or U4 standing; prior laboratory experience; permission of instructor

0-4 credits