JDH: Judaic Studies:Humanities

JDH 230 ​- G: Judaism

A survey of the great texts of the Judaic heritage, with the aim of learning the contribution of each to the Jewish tradition. The course includes an examination of characteristic Jewish beliefs, practices, and attitudes. This course is offered as both JDH 230 and RLS 230.

3 credits

JDH 261 ​- B: The Bible as Literature

A literary approach to the Bible that explores the characteristic principles of the Bible's narrative and poetic art. This course is offered as both EGL 261 and JDH 261.

Prerequisite: WRT 102 or equivalent

3 credits

JDH 361 ​- G: Women in the Biblical World

Consideration of how we define, on the basis of biblical and other contemporaneous literature, women's position in the socio-political sphere, including women in professions and institutions, such as goddesses, leaders of the community, queens, "wise women", writers, prophetesses, magicians, and prostitutes; and examination of literary types such as the Wife (and concubine), the Mother, the Daughter, the Temptress, and the Ancestress. This course is offered as both HIS 361 and WST 361.

Prerequisite: One JDH or JDS or WST or literature course at the 200 level or higher

3 credits

JDH 390 ​- G: Humanities Topics in Judaic Studies

An examination of a selected topic in Judaic studies within the humanities area. May be repeated as the topic changes.

Prerequisite: JDS/HIS 225 or 226 or JDH/RLS 230

3 credits

JDH 415 ​- G: Judaic Response to Catastrophe

The response of Judaic thinkers, from the Bible to the Second World War, to the problem of historical disaster and the need to understand and respond to it. Particular attention is given to the question of long-term continuity and the appearance of innovation in such responses. This course is offered as both JDH 415 and RLS 415.

Prerequisite: JDS/HIS 225 or 226 or JDH/RLS 230

3 credits

JDH 447: Readings in Judaic Studies

Qualified juniors and seniors may read independently in the areas of Jewish religion, philosophy, and literature in an approved program under the supervision of a faculty member. May be repeated.

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

1-6 credits