Requirements for the Minor in Korean Studies (KOR)

Completion of the minor requires 18 credits. Only one course graded with the S/U credit option may be used toward the minor requirements. No more than three language courses may be used towards the minor.

Requirements for the minor:

1. AAS 217 Introduction to Korean Culture

2. Five courses chosen from the following, including at least three upper-division (300 or 400 level) courses:

  • KOR 111 Elementary Korean I
  • KOR 112 Elementary Korean II
  • KOR 211 Intermediate Korean I
  • KOR 212 Intermediate Korean II
  • KOR 311 Advanced Korean I
  • KOR 312 Advanced Korean II
  • KOR 331 Social Sciences Topics in Korean Studies
  • KOR 332 Humanities Topics in Korean Studies
  • KOR 411 Advanced Korean III
  • KOR 412 Advanced Korean IV
  • AAS 240 Confucianism and Taoism
  • AAS 260 Buddhism
  • AAS 300 Intellectual History of East Asia
  • AAS 321 Korean Literature
  • AAS 367 Meditation and Enlightenment
  • AAS 400 Seminar in Korean Studies*
  • AAS 447 Directed Readings in Asian and Asian American Studies**
  • AAS 475 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I*
  • AAS 487 Supervised Research in Asian and Asian American Studies**
  • AAS 488 Internship*

Note: Up to six credits taken in Korean Studies-related courses from other institutions and other programs may count for Korean courses with approval of the Director of the Program in Korean Studies.

*AAS 400AAS 475, and AAS 488 may only be taken once to apply to minor requirements.
**AAS 447 and AAS 487 may be repeated and applied to the minor.