Requirements for the Minor in Leadership Development (LDR)

General LDR Minor Requirements

1. Before declaring the minor, each student should plan his or her program with the director of the minor.
2. All credits for the minor must be passed with a grade of C or higher.
3. Students in the College of Leadership and Service are strongly encouraged to consider the minor in Leadership Development, but it is not mandatory.
4. Students who are not residents of the LDS college are welcome to take the minor.
5. Students taking the LDR minor are expected to participate in LLC activities.

Requirements for the Minor

Completion of the minor requires 21 credits.

1. LDR courses: nine credits from these three courses

  • LDR 210 Principles of Leadership
  • LDR 310 Case Studies in Leadership
  • LDR 410 Senior Seminar in Leadership

2. Practicum (Done in conjunction with LDR 410)

With the approval of the faculty Director, students will participate in experiential learning in one of two ways: a) leadership of a project or comprehensive task or b) being mentored by an established leader. Both models require active participation in true leadership activities such as development of vision and strategy.

3. Electives (12 credits)

The course designator of each selected course must be different from the designator associated with any of the student's majors or minors. For example, a student majoring or minoring in Business Management major cannot select any BUS courses, and a student majoring or minoring in Political Science major cannot select any POL courses. In addition, no more than two electives may have the same designator (including cross-listed courses). This is a list of courses appropriate to the minor. The faculty director may choose to modify this list.